Letter of Undertaking (LUT)

3,000/- (all inclusive)

  • Discussion and collection of basic Information
  • Collection of required documents
  • Preparation for the Letter of Undertaking
  • Online Submission of LUT
  • Sharing Acknowledgment bearing ARN

Documents Requirements

  • Entity’s PAN Card

A Copy of PAN card of the exporter entity

  • KYC of Authorised Signatory

A Copy of PAN card and Aadhar card of partners/directors

  • Witnesses

Information of at least two witnesses along with the address proof and PAN

  • GST Registration

GST Registration Certificate of the exporter is required

  • IEC Certificate

The IEC certificate must be submitted

  • Cancelled cheque

A Copy of cancelled cheque of current account of exporter


Knowledge Portal

What is Letter of Undertaking (LUT) ?

Letter of Undertaking is abbreviated as LUT. The Letter of Undertaking is a document submitted by the exporter in order to export goods or services without the payment of taxes. In case the LUT is not filed, the exporter may export by payment of IGST and then claim the refund of tax paid. Filing LUT is convenient than refund mode as the exporters do not wish to indulge into hassles of refunds and block their funds. The eligibility criteria to apply for LUT is comparatively relaxed than to the erstwhile system.

Letter of Undertaking is filed online using the form GST RFD 11. By filing LUT, the exporter undertakes that all the requirements prescribed for this route will be fulfilled by him.

Advantages of Letter of Undertaking (LUT)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How goods or services can be exported from India?

Exports of goods and services are done either with the payment of applicable GST or without the payment of GST. In the first portion, the taxes paid are refunded to exporters subject to conditions of exports. For exports without payment of taxes, the exporters are required to file Letter of Undertaking.

2.When is the Letter of Undertaking required to be filed?

If the exporters wish to opt for exports without the payment of taxes, the Letter of Undertaking is required to be filed. First time filing can be made any time before exporting without taxes. However, if the exporter wants to continue the same to the next financial year, it must be filed before the commencement of the financial year.

3.Who is eligible to file Letter of Undertaking?

Earlier criteria of turnover and inward receipts were prescribed for filing LUT under GST. However, now any exporter willing to export without paying the taxes can file Letter of Undertaking under GST online.

4.Whether the filing of bond is required for exporters?

No, the requirement to file a bond is eliminated. For exports without payment of taxes, online Letter of Undertaking is required to be filed.

5.How the letter of Undertaking is required to be filed under GST?

Since the financial year 2018-19, the Letter of Undertaking is required to be filed on an online portal of GST Network using GST credentials. The undertaking is executed on the duly stamped paper, which is submitted through the online portal.

6.What is the validity of Letter of Undertaking filed?

Letter of Undertaking will be valid for the whole financial year in which it is filed. However, if the conditions with respect to exports are not fulfilled, LUT is deemed to be withdrawn until the fulfillment of conditions.

7.Whether the manual submission of LUT is required?

No, the physical submission of Letter of Undertaking is not required now as the ARN generated in the Acknowledgment is deemed as acceptance of the LUT.

8.Whether re-filing of LUT is required to continue the benefit?

Yes, the Letter of Undertaking is valid for the financial year in which it is filed. Hence, the LUT must be applied for in the beginning of every financial year.